Les Anneaux (The Rings) - Daniel Buren and Patrick Bouchain
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Based on the Ile de Nantes, the site chosen for "Les Anneaux" is a the link between two areas: the great maritime and naval past of the town, and today's great architectural and urban projects, putting Nantes on the European stage.


"Les Anneaux" follows this principle. Daniel Buren wanted to highlight the double perspective of the Ile de Nantes: the architectural perspective, drawn by the docks and the warehouses, and the natural perspective delineated by the Loire river. A series of 18 rings facing the river offers as many different cutouts of the landscape. At night, the enlightened rings - red, blue and green, three colours at the basis of so many others - become multiseeing tools...

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Quai des Antilles , 44000 Nantes
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